1Who are usually our Clients?
Our clients range from diverse fields which include investment firms, sovereign wealth funds and investment companies.
2Do we offer Corporate Capacity development (CCD) programs to Individuals?
Acumen Institute specialises in providing in-house state of the art and exquisite CCD Programs only to corporates. We do not offer these programs to individuals.
3Do these courses entitle us with Professional Qualifications?
Our courses do not entitle the individuals to professional qualification. However, the participating staff can apply for professional qualifications with the help of these programs.
4What are the types of Corporate Development Programs being offered to Corporates?
Usually our programs are designed keeping in mind the CFA Institute Investment Foundations™ (formerly named CLARITAS), the CFA and the CPA Programs.
5Do we customise any programs or courses as per the Client Requirements?
Yes, all our programs are designed according to the client’s requirement. In fact that’s where we stand out amongst others!
6Are the programs implemented by us theoretical in nature or practical, or mix of both?
All the programs are theoretical in nature with right mix of practical experiences. So even though the focus is on theory, we can aptly say, that they are a mix of both.
1As far as Corporate Capacity Development Programs are concerned, what is the typical duration of the course?
The duration of the course/program ranges from one week to six months.
2What is the average size of a batch in these programs?
We believe that all the participants should get a personal attention so that they properly understand the concept and develop their skills. We aim to keep the sessions interactive, hence the average size of the batch is limited to not more than 15 candidates.
3From where does Acumen Institute source its materials for Corporate Capacity Development Programs?
All the course materials are developed in-house with our team of experienced and qualified professionals in order to fulfill the client’s requirement.
4What are the other services apart from these courses rendered by Acumen Institute?
Apart from our Corporate Capacity development programs, we offer personalized workshop sessions along with coaching and mentoring. We also render advisory and consultancy services to various clients.
5Usually, what is the background of a Corporate Capability Development Consultant?
Apart from having a proper knowledge and understanding of local religious and cultural values. All our consultants are academically qualified with relevant professional experience along with a deep commitment to prioritize and nationalize the workforce of the nation.
We are recognised amongst the leading pioneers in the field of professional development of the national talent. Acumen Institute have made its name by aiding the regional organizations and nationalizing the workforce by preparing country nationals ready for managerial, professional and leadership roles.