We are a leader in coaching and mentoring high potential nationals in leadership roles.

Acumen Institute is recognised amongst the leading pioneers in the field of professional development of the national talent. We have made its name by aiding the regional organizations and nationalizing the workforce by preparing nationals in UAE ready for managerial, professional and leadership roles.


Our Industry Expertise

Advisory and Consulting Services

While conducting our advisory services, our motivated team works closely in tandem with the client’s senior management to assist them in creating strategically co-ordinated...

Coaching and Mentoring

To polish and refine the professional skills of nationals, we provide ‘on the go’ mentoring and coaching which are ingrained in our learning approach for the overall development of the participants...

Customized Long-Term Capacity and Capability Development

Our team has implemented development programs which are created specifically for nationals and have achieved an un-matched success rate...

Customized In-house workshops and courses

Our team provides a wide selection of workshops and courses offering a wide range of subjects within the fields of accounting and finance. Irrespective of the topic or a particular degree of expertise needed...

  • The consultative approach, problem solving skills and the quality of professional services provided have, and continue to be, greatly appreciated and valued.
  • The knowledge gained from the programs implemented has become an important part of our problem solving and analytical process.
  • Our clients and partners have recognized our staff…a direct result of their capabilities and adherence to professional standards.
  • Our clients and partners have recognized the improved operational capability, technical knowledge and professionalism of our staff.